The Benefits of Flexible working Course Outline
The benefits of flexible working are far-reaching for your company and your people. By enabling more people to design flexible ways of working that suit their lifestyles and the needs of the business, you will not only enhance productivity and wellbeing, reduce absenteeism and increase retention but also become more competitive, save money and increase profitability.
With over 15 years experience in the industry, our trainers and experts have delivered Flexible Working for organisations from small to medium, to large corporate organisations. We have learned what makes flexible working work
- commitment from leaders to be a flexible employer
- the right policies and procedures in place
- ability to demonstrate excellence in flexible working and the benefits it can bring
Ensuring that your Managers are onboard is crucial. Like so many case studies we have worked with, your company might also have a problem with inconsistency and a lack of uptake of flexible working. It might have managers who lack confidence, are scared to trust their people and need support to embrace, understand and manage flexible working. It might be losing great people and it might be struggling to compete in attracting incredible talent.